Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sing-a-long Sound of Music

For one of our last 'events' of 2016, Duncan and I went to "Sing-a-Long Sound of Music" at the Vic Theatre.

Yes, we had our goody bag of items to use (eidelwise, fabric from the curtains, problem cards, invite to the gala, and a firecracker for when maria and captain finally kiss!).  Duncan and I sang along all the way, booing at the nazis, and hissing at the baroness (i felt a bit sad at that since i always think she is just misunderstood... and she is the character i had always most wanted to BE!)

There was a big law school turn out (the dean [and his partner], two associate deans, a retired associate dean, the [goddess] administrative assistant, two faculty members, and two Fraser building kids!)  Maybe the 'sing-a-long' tradition is part of what makes the UVic law difference?

Can't believe i didn't get pictures of Gillian's and Yvonne, both of whom dressed in character!


  1. I was thinking that Gillian must have put on a pink jumper and a blouse with those sleeves that bell at the bottom and then are gathered -- like in the photo on your page. I even imagined her carrying a guitar case. I wondered where she found such a costume. Then I went to your link, which took me to another link where I saw an auditorium full of people, all in costume, and waving their arms and singing at the appropriate moment. Some people had on German helmets, and some were dressed as nuns. Tell me. Is this politically appropriate? The religious attire? And it gave me that idea that perhaps Gillian was not dressed as Maria. Do tell. How were your friends costumed.

  2. Was it more fun than the sing-a-long Rocky Horror Picture show showings of our youth? I can remember getting a prize at one of those -- someone threw rice at the wedding scene and I ended up with their bracelet. I never did track down the person who lost it and perhaps they were having too much fun to notice.