Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Costco, London Style

From Wyona and Greg

I m off to Costco. I am still in London.

The ride will be 3 buses and the cost in time is one hour.

I just have to investigate it.

I do not think there will be poutine and fries.

My guess is a pastie.

We are going out for dinner tonight with our friends Lucy and Najaf.



  1. There was soft ice cream and the there was gelato. The gelato was super! Greg has a meat pie. I got the hot dog but really only drank the drink. Hot dogs are gross. The store was almost empty. I want to go again.

  2. I wouldn't have thought that gelato would have been on the menu in London. But meat pies? Yes, that seemed like it was to be expected. Now tell me. Was there any meat in the meat pie. Speaking of Costcos being empty, the Costco that Miranda goes to is virtually unused. I liked pushing Alice around in a cart. Every isle was open and we chatted as we walked up and down the isles. A great way for me to get my exercise steps in!