Sunday, January 7, 2018

Family fun at Christmas

Catherine sent a link to this game to Rebecca.  That is because we had such a good time playing it when Leo and Mary were here.  I am not sure if it is the game that is good.  Or how we played the game that really works.  There is lots of talking, trying to find out who among the players you can trust and who are lying to you, and just trying to figure out the game in general.

The instructions come in German which fact wasn't much help to me.  Leo had played it at a gaming convention he attended.  He told us that there were two sides of players: the explorers and the natives.

Since something about that didn't work for me, Leo was totally open to name changes.  So we called the sides the colonizers and the indigenous.  Then the game became fun for me.

Now a few weeks have passed.  Thomas said he wanted to buy a copy of one of the games we played at Christmas.  Thomas told me the name of the game:  Tempel des Schreckens.  I told Thomas I had not played that game with him.  Thomas was positive I had  I was equally sure that I hadn't played a game with the name "Temple" in it.

"Thomas.  I don't like gaming at the best of times.  I always try to get out of playing them.  And with a name like that, I would have remembered that I had played it."  I went on and on.

Thomas told me that there had been a name change on the game, and while he couldn't remember it, he did remember that one of the sides was indigenous, at which time I could remember the game.

Probably the fun of the game was calling out explorers and natives.  Yikes.  How can a person with TRC sensibilities tolerate that?


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