Friday, January 19, 2018

The Light Show in London

42nd St.
Photograph: Tristram Kenton for the Guardian
From Wyona and Greg

Last night we went to '42nd St'.

Greg and I went to Annie tonight.

Both nights big problems with the buses, many diversions. Tonight we took the tube to Picadilly and what did we see?This amazing light show with sound. Looked it up on the computer tonight to see it is just part o f a bigger light show.

Tomorrow we will try to see as much of it as we can. Regents Street from Oxford Circus to Trafalgar are walking streets.

Suitably authoritarian … 
Miranda Hart (Miss Hannigan) in Annie. 
Photograph: Paul Coltas
I saw David Pilling at Picadilly Circus tonight and he did not say Hi to me. I swear it was David or Glen when he was younger. I got behind him and watched for a short while until he disappeared into the metro...long hair and all, same features. It was just like having David in London. Unfortunately the nose was more like my nose. It was a much younger Dave and Glen.

I want Marcia and Art to take a quick trip to London for Feb. 4-8 so they can go to '42nd St" It is amazing. Get WestJet working for you. Get Ron to do the grandfather thing and chauffeur your lovelies around.

It is so cold here. I could only find one glove when I left for the theatre but one glove is better than no gloves. Worse tomorrow because there is rain.

But I am going to drag Greg around to all the light shows I can see tomorrow night.


Link for light show:

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