Saturday, January 6, 2018

On watching film ...

Who knew that we could see so many films that have won Academy Awards.  This week we are doing it one bite at a time.  Every evening there is a film.  I am not one to ever choose a 10 pm showing, but what can I do when we eat our  evening meal as the Spanish do – often beginning at 9 pm.  Maybe I have exaggerated a bit, but not by too many hours.

We eat, do the dishes and cue up a film from Netflicks, which last night was Dancing Wolves.  The movie wasn’t downloading fast enough.  We had a number of pauses.  Frozen ones. Eric said that he thought the colour wasn’t that good as well.  He left the room for a minutes and when he came back, he returned with his own personal copy of the film.  Who knew? 

We had a glorious return to the film using disks, the colour was enhanced and we continued to enjoy Rebecca Javis’s 2018 resolution – seeing another of the winners of awards from the past.

I woke up this morning thinking about the length of time the world has been able to enjoy film:  120 years.  I thought about how old I am:  80 years.  I was doing some math, thinking how I have been alive for nearly 2/3 of all of the time the world has been able to enjoy film.  I thought about having so much film in a home that a father can just pull out an old Academy Award winning film from his library.  I have not enough imagination to take me to the place where film will be if I get to live another 20 years.

P.S. I might add one thing about choosing films.  Everyone in the house gets a chance to choose.  Hebe wants her turn.  "Alright," they say.  "Choose one."  But she is a no girl and she can't think of a film to choose.  She is better at saying no to films that other people choose.  When I leave, it is that girl that I am going to miss the most.

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