Sunday, January 28, 2018

January Birthdays - Happy Birthday to you all ..

I knew the concept of "Having a January Birthday" as soon as I could figure out that birthdays come once a year. 

My dad had a birthday in January. 

So did many of his friends.  My parents had a party in January to which they invited people with January birthdays. 

I loved these parties.  They involved many tables of people playing Rook and laughing into the late evening.  If I got up early there were left-overs of wonderful treats some of them contained in crystal bowls.

Mary, Catherine and Dalton have birthdays in January.  They would be invited to that party were it still being held.

There are other celebrations which I enjoy on my own, one of which is going to the opera.  I asked Peggy Estabrooks at church if she wanted to go to Tosca this Saturday.  She phoned me to tell me that she couldn't go, she had other commitments.  We chatted for a while.  Then she said,  "You know if your father were alive he would have called me this month to wish me Happy Birthday."

"What?  He never called me on my birthday."

"Well, you don't have a January birthday do you?", she said.

No I don't have a January birthday.  And Peggy really made me laugh.


  1. In our family we do not have any January babies. You got them all.

  2. Yes. I do have 3 January birthdays. But I think the whole point is that if a person wants to make a party, they can make it out of anything: January birthdays, the anniversary of our first date together, the Ultimate s'More Party, let's-see-a-movie-together-party. You are probably the master at declaring a party is about to being and then pulling out snacks as though you have been planning the event for months!

  3. So I have another friend who has a birthday. Barbara Rawsthorne Scott. I think she told me that it was January 2nd. So she is already the age I am going to be in a few months: 78.

    What a grand age! Her mother lived to be in her 90's so Barbara and I have many years to look forward to being together -- after meeting in Grade III.