Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Home again ...

Calgary International Airport
Plane rides are usually not that interesting.

In my case I was so tired I didn’t even feel the take-off from Montreal.

The stewardess must have given the warning about danger and where to find the exits but I didn’t hear it.

When I woke for the first time refreshments were being served up and down the isle. I put on a movie, My House in Umbria (2003), with Maggie Smith. If a person is too tired to watch Maggie Smith, then they should just quit trying to stay awake and give themselves over to sleep.

The only excitement on the flight was a four year old boy to the left of me and up a few seats who began to vomit during the descent. In that case, it is only excitement for the parent and the stewardesses. In his knapsack, the father had a change of pyjamas for the little tyke but I got to watch him get stripped and lots of clean-up material delivered to his dad. While this was going on the adult beside me was begging the stewardess to let him use the facilities at the back of the plane. He couldn't see what was going on a few seats up.  The stewardess was  just not going to let that happen. Ah, much better than watching a movie.

Greg dropped me off at home. After taking off my coat, I slipped over next door to see who was still up since the lights were on. Taking off my coat and then going out the door wasn’t that smart since it is -20 Celsius. I don't know what I was thinking.  The first thing that struck me was that Richard hadn’t shovelled a path between his back door and mine, so I had to go around the front of the houses.

Michael was still up. He sleeps in a different room now, so he showed me around. He said he wasn’t asleep yet for he was waiting for his turn to have Grandmother Joan come in and read to him. She was just finishing reading to Betty and Alice. I told Michael I would come over and see him again before school, and I wanted to know what time he leaves for school. He told me he isn’t sure, but he thinks it is just after sunrise. I still laugh when I hear him saying that to me.


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