Wednesday, September 19, 2012

51st Anniversary Party

I am usually the driver when it comes to celebrating our anniversary. I probably look at the arts and entertainment section in the newspaper, more often than Kelvin does. So I spent some time thinking about how to make this 51st anniversary the best day ever. It was Sunday, Stake Conference, and I knew that nothing I could plan could compete with Kelvin’s wish to be at conference. He went early for choir practice and it must have been a conference to remember for the chapel was filled with special bouquets of white flowers. I asked Kelvin why. He said he didn’t know, but my guess is that it part of the celebration which is ongoing about the dedication of the Calgary temple which is going to happen soon.

Running through my mind was how to finish off the remaining hours to make it a complete day of happiness. The obvious answer is with food, perhaps lunch at Costco, for they have the Montreal Meat Sandwich back on their menu as well as an interesting chicken salad. Or how about Iranian food from A & A on 19th Street, for now I can get their fantastic swarma as a salad in a styrofoam box. I settled on a trip to the Dairy Queen – buy a second blizzard for $.99 when you get the first one at regular price – and this was their last day of this offer.

Our 2 hour conversation over the Blizzards included this information. A couple of weeks ago, a talk in church said that the eternal form of marriage is shaped so that the husband is in charge and the wife obeys. The next week the bishop talked, saying that there is a new model of equality. I do not know much more about these two events, other than that they led to an interesting conversation between the two of us – Kelvin arguing that men and women in the church are equal, and me, trying to present argument as to why we have not quite reached that model yet.

When the Dairy Queen closed down, we went home – Kelvin to watch some T.V. and I was doing some typing. But something must have still been bothering me, for I got up, turned to him and said, I just must say one more thing about our discussion and then I think my whole body exhibited attitude and whatever it is I had to say, was said without even a breath between the period at the end of one sentence and the capital letter at the beginning of the next sentence.

I looked at Kelvin while I was talking. He should have winced at least once, but no ... just a beatific look on his face. I watched him closely and stopped talking. No change. Then I noticed that he had his earphones on. I knew that he could not possibly have heard me for the earphones block out white noise and he can turn the volume up high enough that he can really enjoy the show.

I burst out laughing, a laughter which he wasn’t able to hear, either.

 I sat down and enjoyed the rest of the evening at the typewriter, knowing that getting the last word on someone who can’t hear me is a suitable ending to a 51st Private Anniversary Party.

... size 6 ... and will now only fit my pinky finger ....

And now one last word about 51st anniversary parties.

A few years ago, Kelvin asked me where my wedding ring was.  I didn't know.  It isn't that valuable.  When we went to buy rings, I had chosen the simplest of bands, believing that in the near future I would receive a larger ring -- about the size of Ruth Walker's which was close to one karat, the size I wanted.

So I was content to start small.

We bought them at Eatons.  When we got there and went to make the purchase, Kelvin didn't have his wallet.  I can remember -- mine cost $12 and his cost $20.  I paid for both.
... an Eaton's jewellery counter special ...
Since he had asked me where the ring was, imagine my surprise to find it at Mary's in her jewellery chest when we were cleaning it out. "I think I will take this back," I said. "You can have it later. I just think it would be a nice touch to wear it on my anniversary." She agreed. Arta


  1. I like that you can still recall the price of your wedding bands. You and Joaquim have that in common. Did Wyora have a plain band or a diamond?

  2. Wyona had diamonds set in white gold. A nice big diamond and some baguettes on the engagement ring. Wyona had the ring appraised when she had it -- then I think the sum was $14,000. She may still have the appraisal paper. Ask her to see it. I wonder if I got that price right.

    After Wyora died, all of the women in the family took turns wearing the ring. That was nice of Doral. When it was my turn, I didn't wear it much for it slipped off of my fingers too easily. When my year was up, I passed it on to the next person.

    I had my Grandmother Scoville's gold band, a gift to me from my mother. That and her rocking chair. I gave the rocking chair to Darla. The ring finally got lost. When Mary and I came across my wedding ring in her jewellery case, she said, "Well, nice! I have been carrying some guilt about loosing this."

    I laughed. This is good. So many women carrying guilt about lost rings. I lost some zircons set in gold that Wyona brought back to me from Asia. Friends would ask me if the stones were real. I would say yes out loud and under my breath I would say, yes, real zircons. When I knew I had lost those, I could only think -- thank goodness they were only real zircons. I don't do guilt any better than anyone else.