Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Vehicle in Pieces

... a beloved hobby -- taking a car apart ...
Richard bought a hobby a few years ago – a 1982 van to fix up.

Actually he bought two of them, one to drive and one to use as parts.

The car to use as parts has been on my parking pad, with parts from it gradually being moved to the vehicle that runs.

For two days Richard has been taking out the motor and taking off the wheels so that he can use the axles.

And that is going to be the end – someone will come by and pick up the body of the car for scrap metal. Richard will get rid of it.

The other person will get the price of the scrap metal. I thought Richard should just move the car body onto the back lawn and let Michael use it as a toy – climb out, in and around it.

 But that is not how it is going on.

... Yes, I AM listening to Steven Covey ...
As I walked past Richard doing his work today, I could hear motivational lectures from Steven Covey being broadcast as Richard worked.

“That is a fine way to have church,” I said, “though the lecture is far to dense with things to change in my life for me.”

... now where will he store this motor? ...
I told Richard that I could only do one of the things I was hearing, and that one would take me a whole month to get into action.

“Yes, pick and choose,” he said.

But then I spotted ear plugs in his ears, and wondered if he were really lisgtening.

... tricky, getting this oil off of the driveway ...
But he claimed the ear plugs were there for the grinding he was about to do.

Well, Kelvin went to real church today.

Richard had his church with Steven Covey in the back alley.



  1. Is that vehicle a Travelall?

    I loved that old Travelall out at the Lake. Is part of it still in the woods here? David and I will have to go searching to see if we can find it.

  2. all hail the International Travellall. Do you remember when it was at the lake, and we could push the buttons on the dash? (i seem to remember a V for vampire land... or was than an M for monsterland...)