Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One Job Leads to Another

Mary was baking a cake for another child’s birthday.

 I offered to defrost her freezer while she was icing that cake.

I was downstairs with Xavier, sorting the contents into separate boxes: meat, vegetables, and fruit and then we had the fun of pouring pitchers of warm water on the ice on the freezer walls, and watching the ice slide down to the bottom of the freezer until our mission had been completed.

Mary paused to come downstairs and put the goods back into the freezer where she could spot them.

There were some frozen meals that she wanted upstairs – which necessitated first de-frosting and then rearranging that freezer, so upstairs I went.

... proof that it can be done ...
... cleaned and organized ...
... for at least one day .
“I would never have done this without you taking the lead,” Mary said, as we finished off the job.

I took a picture.

When I go home I want to remember that defrosting the box freezer and fridge can be done.

Now, f I can just find someone to take the lead on my own units at home.



  1. David and I organized our.feezer today. Our biggest category is fruit, thanks to Arta's tireless efforts this summer.

    We have raspberries and blueberries, but not a frozen BlackBerry to be found. We eat them as we pick them.

    Next category? Chicken McNuggets that we thank the Bates for passing along.

    And for dessert? Bubblegum icecream!

  2. my freezer is currently just frozen berries and frozen pizzas (to accommodate the hordes of boys constantly decending on the house). it is not quite cinnamon buns, but the best i can manage! hahah