Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Compact Bosch

... first we're up ... then we're down ...
Mary has a new compact Bosch.

We set aside today to try it out – beginning with making bread.

We put the machine together, read the instruction manual, watched for the do’s and don’ts and got our first batch of bread out of it and rising in another pan.

Then we began to experience the ups and downs of buying over the internet.

The model that we bought does not fit the attachments which I had and which were the impetus to get the motor to run them.

So we had our carrots peeled and we were ready to try out all of the grater, the shredder and the cutter discs, touted to do fine and coarse grating of cheese, nuts, horseradish (?), raw potatoes, cucumbers and apples.  Yes, we made the bread.  That worked. No.  We didn't cut any vegetables.

Mary headed back to the internet where we discovered that yes, we were right, this didn’t work because the new model looks exactly like this one and operates on this motor.  But ours doesn't.

Oh well, the bread is fantastic and since we figured that one bag of flour will make the equivalent of $50 worth of store bought bread, we shall get our money back one way or the other.

The Bosch people said to send the unit back to them and they will replace one of the parts to make the model work for us -- $20 plus shipping.

All of this and Mary would rather still shop on-line than by making an actual visit to a real store. Arta


  1. i am jealous.... i want a bosch bread maker (well... really i want someone who will also operate it for me, put the bread into pans, and take them out of the oven too... is there a machine that does that?)

  2. Mary has such a tiny kitchen. She just bought the tiny machine. The person who can operate it, will be her, since I am leaving on Saturday and even made it by hand today, rather than figure out how to get the dough hook into the arm of the Bosch. I did buy her 2 new bread pans that were on sale at Canadian Tire until today -- regular $20 each for half price. I tried them out since she and Leo were white water rafting today on the Ottawa River.


    Wish I had bought some for myself to take home, but there is that problem with getting my luggage overweight, so I resisted.