Friday, September 28, 2012

Campfire Stories - Man and Team Drown at Annis


Glen sent me this article from the August 7th, 1924 Salmon Arm newspaper.  I can hardly wait to tell the tale around a campfire next year.  Soon there will be the ghostly night sounds of a teamster and his horses plodding along the beach long after the lights are out in tents.  I am betting that I can embellish this story so that not one soul can stay down in the tents and they will all be going back up to their parents' beds for the night.

The article reads:

John Strorfors, who was employed as a teamster by J.H. Brown, tie contractor, was drowned at Annis on Tuesday, when the team he was driving stumbled into the lake.
It appears that the man was riding on the horse farthest from shore, and the team was engaged in hauling a raft along the edge of the lake, walking in the water on the beach, which was narrow at the place.  Apparently the off horse stepped into deep water and got into difficulties.  Mrs. Brown called to the teamster to jump for the raft, but the man pulled the two horses' heads together in an attempt to turn them ashore, and they both got out of control.  Strorfors tried to reach the raft, but was drawn under and both horse horses went under and were drowned.  A boat which had been alongside was brought in to try to pick up the man, but got entangled with the horses, and it was not until an hour later that the body was found.  After hearing the evidence of those present, and viewing the scene, Dr. Connolly decided than an inquest was not necessary, and the remains were brought to Salmon Arm yesterday morning.

The team which was lost was the property of Mr. Brown.


  1. I can't recall the last time I saw "the drop off". Did I ever? Only from a canoe? The lake is so low now. David and I just can't believe it. I will see if we can find the drop off where a horse's leg might slip.

    We did have a fun night of campfire stories with Ceildh and Meighan, didn't we! Who else was there that night at Grandma Arta's campfire?