Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Four Best Things About Having Grandma Come


This morning I made Xavier tell me the four best things about having me here.

1.      Getting cinnamon buns and bread all of the time
2.      Walking to school and back, every day
3.      Having Grandma’s company
4.      Grandma’s silly jokes all of the time, like when I get up at 7 am on Saturday morning and she says ... "you are going back to bed right now and I am going to beat you with this broom if you don’t go back to bed as I have told you to".

And now a note from me -- a little sad for me that going to Carmen and Madame Butterfly didn't even cross his mind.  On the other hand, Naomi came home from school last week and said that her teacher plays music while they all put their heads down on the desk and have quiet time.  Then she laughed and said, guess what? the teacher played a song from Carmen for our rest music.



  1. i want those cinnamon buns too. i woke up on my birthday morning thinking about how many of them i got when i was growing up. yum yum!

  2. You shall have those cinnamon buns when I get to your kitchen. I can still make bread by hand. Prepare yourself ahead by making sure there is cinnamon and brown sugar on hand. That is about it. Oh yes, if you live in Quebec, you get them made with butter, for they don't sell stick margarine there. Alternately, you can live in B.C. and just have some butter ready in the fridge if you want them made the upper-scale way.


  3. ...but i have looked at your itinerary! i doubt you will be in my kitchen until some time in 2014...

  4. Hello again, Rebecca,
    Alright. You may have me there on when I will get to your kitchen next. I have fond memories of your kitchen in London. Does that count for anything? No cinnamon bus there, but we did perfect a dahl recipe that tastes more like candy than it should.

    I went to Wyona's today to pick up clothes, for she has collected for me some black evening outfits for formal dining on the boat(s). She has redesigned them to have side pockets, sleeves, and shinning strips of sequins on shoulders that were once plain. Plus, the jackets already came with ruffled cuffs and rhinestones. If I live to be 90 I will never get a chance to wear all of the clothes she has filled my closets with. Still she continues to collect and redesign for me.

    My usual uniform is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that can sustain all of the stains of gardening, deep cleaning in the kitchen oven and using my Richard's scraping tool to take calcium deposits from shower doors.

    I put these gorgeous outfits on and feel a little goofy -- but I shall try to carry off the fiction that I am used to these clothes. I will get to your kitchen sometime in 2014 because today Wyona told me she is cancelling her 2014 cruises to South America.

  5. I think Rebecca is in line after me.