Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Walking Up 19th Street

 ... I  have to go on a buggy ride with her again? ...
Michael Johnson and I took our walk together today. He was loaded up with milk and a little Tupperware container that he can put his hand in and take out cheesy fish. I had no idea that in 1 hour I can go up 19th Street to Northmount, then down Charleswood to to Morley Trail and be home in 1 hour and 11 minutes. Part of the time, I stopped the buggy and let Michael watch a yellow City of Calgary grader idle on the street beside us. The sign on the tractor said Do Not Approach the Operator and beneath that was more information – call this number instead of talking to the operator. I noticed that the operator of the tractor, in fact both of them, for we watched two such tractors, waved to the baby in the buggy.

I guess it was alright for Michael can’t talk to them yet.

I saw Michael later in the day, in the backyard, playing chase with his dad, both of them crawling around the lawn. Miranda had the electric drill in her hand and was putting up the posts for the railing around her back deck.

I went out even later in the evening to introduce Richard to his cousin, Colleen Keeler, who was dropping off her son, Brayson. He is going to SAIT and staying at our house for a while.

Thus ... we have a full house at 2427, a full house at Richard’s (2423) and a lovely shared yard between us.

Today baby Michael is 364 days old.

Happy birthday to him tomorrow.

With good luck we will find more tractors to watch.



  1. Oh my goodness, I laughed when I saw this picture and laughed again when I read the caption.

    What a perfect baby you are Michael. Bald and look just like your dad. I can't see a picture of Michael with out feeling like I am looking at Richard 30 years ago. What a doll he is.

  2. I miss you, Michael. I think of you every time I walk into a room and the fan is off. I sometimes turn it on for you even though you are miles away.

    Today I also got to spend 2 hours thinking of your parents as I did what I hope is the final pressure wash of 2012. I thought of how much work they did on the deck cleaning it (with you on the tummy in a carrier) and patching it with fiberglass.

    I got to even clean ohh residual water balloon material which made me think of the pig roast and the trombone trio and of all of David's cousins.

  3. Speaking of how much work Michael's parents are doing -- today Richard and Miranda were putting the rail around the perimeter of their back porch, so none of Michael's friends will fall off of it during his birthday party, tomorrow.

    Richard was commenting on do-it-yourself projects when you own your own house. Is it better to hire a contractor to finish off your basement, or to do it yourself? (He tells other people to hire it out, but he does his own.) In this case, is it better to hire your fence done or do it yourself. Richard was even contemplating the relative merits of making your own beer or buying it. Such a philosopher.

    Richard might get that propensity for deep thought from Kelvin for today when Mak and Kelvin were trying to figure out why our phone wasn't working, and Kelvin was thinking about every possible permutation and combination of what could have gone wrong, Mak said, "The next thing you know Kelvin will be asking the question, 'What is the meaning of a phone jack?'"

    A big yes to deep thoughts!

    I don't know if there will be any water balloons at the party, but I do have my hose connected and ready to go, should any other kind of water fight be started.

    (to be continued ...)