Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Apple Peeler

My favorite fruits are oranges. I can’t get enough of their juicy sweetness. I know kids don’t like to peel oranges – all of that skin under their nails, the oil of orange squirting up into their eyes and the juice all over their hands and running uphill is seems, to their elbows.

There are other good fruits. At Mary’s house the gadget that helps to slice apples into six even pieces is hard for the kids to manage – they can’t quite get the cuts all of the way through the apple and the core to pop out. I can’t do it either, but I have learned to poke the pieces out – and they do look beautiful on a plate – all lined up with uniform pieces.

 ... "look how long this peeling is" ...
For one perfect day in Aylmer, P.Q., nothing was more fun than the new apple peeler at Mary’s house, a unit that clamps onto the cupboard and when the handle is turned the apple is peeled, the flesh is sliced into rounds like a slinky and the skin comes off in a long thin peel.

I would not have thought that the skin would be a highly prized items, with fights about who would get the next apple peeling.

A long string was as much fun to eat as spaghetti.



  1. Yes, I have been sending the spiral cut apples to school with Naomi and Xavier. Naomi asked me to send some of the 4-foot long peel, but not all of it -- it takes too long to eat.

  2. It is interesting what kids want to take in their lunches. When I was about Xavier's age, I wanted a dill pickle sandwich every day. My mother let me have it. Some of the other mother's must have been horrified, for the kids came back giving me a lecture that it wasn't a "healthy" sandwich. Tasted good to me. But like Naomi, I don't think I would like to have 4 feet of apple peeling to eat, no matter how slender the string of peel is.

  3. How do you keep the Apple from going brown in the lunch box? Lemon juice on it is too tart for David.

    Perhaps I will try orange juice on the apple.

    Perhaps I will also try a pickle sandwich.

    Arta, your description of juice running up arms and rind under your nails is lively to me now but was indeed why I had my 20 yr old sister peeling my orange during institute class.

    Thank you Catherine.

  4. Speaking of keeping the apple from going brown, I did see Mary dipping the apple rounds into something tart and wondering about it. But then, Mary has Rhiannon who will take a dill pickle, stick it on a fork and use it as a snack. So their family isn't afraid of sour. As well, I saw Rhiannon lick the top of the Real Lemon Bottle.

    Finally, I thought, something that will stop her in her tracks. But no, she just took another lick and then put it back in the fridge.

    Oh, the beauty of being a grandmother. You can tell all and feel no compulsion to stop anything.