Saturday, September 1, 2012

Carmen - a woman desiring liberty

The Enchanted Taro
The Brooks family got busy preparing to see and hear Bizet's Carmen.

Last night we watched four u tube clips on the big screen downstairs.

That is when Leo shared his dad’s lyrics to the toreador song: Toreador / Don’t spit on the floor / Use the cuspidor / That is what it’s for, a song which led us into a discussion about the evils of chewing tobacco, and the further complaint from those who had to clean up the spit – thus the new word cuspidor.

... looking at the major and minor cards ...
As well, the melody for the song was cemented in all of our minds.

During the day we had watched a song from each of the four acts, learning the names of the major and minor characters – and I thought all of that was enough.

But this morning, while we were watching further u tube clips we came across the two gypsies reading tarot cards.

 I told Naomi I would show her how that was done, and Mary said if I was going that far she would bring out her own Tarot cards which were accompanied by The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.

... my fortune told, just like a gypsy in Carmen ...
Mary’s cards come with their own history. Enza’s brother, Frank gave them to Enza.

When Enza no longer needed them, she passed them onto Mary.

And Mary promises to do the same some day, if Naomi is ever in need of them and Mary is through with them.

Mary emphasized how precious they are, usually wrapped in a silk handkerchief and tied with a satin ribbon, though Mary’s are in a tin box decorated in honour of Baby Krishna.

After a reading or two, complete with information about 1 card, 3 card and Maltese cross card readings, the cards were put away and we took a family walk to the pirate park for the morning.

... Mary as fortune teller ...
I slipped down to the Pharmaprix to buy treats for the opera. By now I have been a grand mother long enough to know not to buy treats that I like for my grandchildren – unless I want to eat them all. Each has their own desire for specialized sugar. Naomi only likes to be sweetened up with Kraft caramels, and Xavier with strawberry licorice, strawberry nibs or an Aero bar.

... someday I will pass these cards on to you ...
... but not now, for I may still need them ...
I have a special love for the 2011 production of Carmen from the New York Met. I like the backstage talks as well in the New York productions.

Today's event was a 3-D production originating from the Royal Opera in Covent Garden.

When a rose was thrown from the crowd it seemed to come straight at us – now that was fun. I had to read the English sub-titles for Naomi – they came a little fast.

Xavier knows enough French now that he could pick up many of the lyrics as the songs were sung.

"What are the right questions to ask"
Did we have a good time? Of course. We got there only in time to run right to our seats.

And in the last act when the procession begins of toreadors entering the amphi theatre, some people distracted me be coming and sitting right by us. Mary and Leo had come early to pick us up and the theatre usher let them in to enjoy the last act.

 It wasn’t until I got home that I remembered that though I had charged my camera battery, I hadn’t had time to take the camera out of my bag and get a good picture of us at the opera.

On the way out of the theatre, we looked at the posters to see what is coming next while I am here in Aylmer. Mary said she thought that Leo, she and I should go to Butterfly on Wednesday and leave the kids home with a babysitter.

I don’t think so. I want to see as much theatre with Naomi and Xavier as I have seen with Duncan. Leaving them home is not the way to do that.


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