Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sitting Still - Not

From Mary:

Did my morning walk.

Talked to Bonnie about dyslexia tutoring hints.

Made appointments for Naomi . E-mailed both Naomi and Xavier's teachers. E-mailed my boss at work.

Did reading program with Naomi.

 ... one batch equals 4 two cup jars ...
Managed to get some house tidying done with Leo and made two batches of crab apple jelly.

Wiped down the van dashboard and vacuumed the van.

Once I write it all down, no wonder I am tired.

Found solace in eating a huge fruit and nut bar.

Guess I will have to walk extra far tomorrow to work that off.



  1. Mmm. Crabapple jelly.

    David and I are trying to find ways to make spelling homework fun. Any ideas?

    Here are his first two weeks of school words:

    le cahier
    la femme
    il y a
    je dis
    il dit
    un ami
    le pyjama

    His SLP said try to include his interests.


    Hier, le droid dit, "il y a un ami ici!"
    Zut alors, le droid vas oblier le pyjama.
    Apres dictee la femme a dit, "Nous coupons joker le Wii!"

  2. Oh no. Now I am going to have to find my French Dictionary. And that little book that taught me how to conjugate verbs.

    On other matters, I do have one idea for the birthday cake for David, since I googled droids to see how to draw one on top of the cake. Easier, I think, than piping characters on, is to just ice the cake and put little plastic figures all over the top of it. In fact, you could take one of the platforms and make lego figures on top of it, and then just use it for the top of the cake and only ice the sides. That wouldn't make the cake taste very good with so little icing, but it would make an awesome picture for the blog.

  3. Great idea. And I have learned since that note that it is "gonk" not "goink" droids.