Sunday, September 9, 2012

Crafts on a Sunday Morning

sunflowers in the corner are Mary's salute to the recent Van Gogh exhibit ...
 I started out the day with a vigorous walk.

I know now that I should go north to the bike path and then along it to the red light.

The walk there and back is just over an hour. When Mary walks with me we take different routes, either down Broad or along Front Street, places I learned about when I was here last year and was walking in the community.

The kids did crafts in the morning, waiting in the pyjamas until it was time to get dressed in their Sunday Clothes.
... a box full of beads for making necklaces ...
Xavier was running play dough through a machine that spits it out in a long decorated tube of play dough. Rhiannon had another project going. She takes her plastic animals, puts their feet into the play dough and then we get to play the game, “Name that animal by looking at its tracks”. Naomi had out her beads and was making folk necklaces, since Leo was doing his drum workshop there this afternoon and we were trying to dress appropriately, both for the festival and for church.

I was telling Mary about a human contortionist I saw on one of the cruises.

Actually, I was at a game show in the evening, and the audience had been divided into groups and were pitting their skills against each other.

At one point each group was to send up someone who could do something unusual with their body.

... guess the animal tracks ...
One group sent up a man who could take his right foot, turn it right around, then take his left foot, turn it right around as well, so that his feet were both pointing behind him, and then he walked forward.

There was not a soul in the audience who was not drop-jawed over this feet.

Mary said, “You know, my friend Kirsta could put her whole fist into her mouth. I thought that was a good trick.”

"Our Aunty Michelle can do this as well."
Mary and I then looked down to see Rhiannon and Naomi, quietly trying out the trick on their own. I ran for my camera.

When Rhiannon took her fist out of her mouth she began to whimper, and when Mary asked what the problem was, Rhiannon said, “I think one of my teeth bit my hand.”

She was right.

It had.

Still, a very good trick.


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