Thursday, September 20, 2012

Using the Star Tube Tip

... getting the yellow star tip tube ready ...
One of the well know family facts?

Stay out of Mary’s way in the kitchen

She can outperform any of us.

I tried to tell her to put a thin layer of icing on the cake before she began to decorate it, but she was using another method – decorating by just using the star tube tip.

... the blue olympic ring ...
She gave me a chance to help.

I don’t have enough strength in my fingers to squeeze the tube.

She gave her kids a chance to help.

... this is my third decorated cupcake ...
They are stronger than I.

They all got a chance to help with the icing.

Xavier was allowed to do some of the Olympic Rings on his friend’s birthday cake – a cake to go with the Olympic themed party. change the technique one would have to slow her down ...
... this just isn't going to happen ...
The girls got to decorate the cupcakes that were to stay home for the rest of the family.

The visitors were also gathered around the cake.

Their dad and Leo were out getting parts for that family’s car from the scrap metal yard.

... decorated with love fpr a friend,  by the whole Brooks family ...
What I am trying to say is that Mary can bake the cake, decorate the cake, watch the neighbor’s kids, let her own kids put the final touches on the cake, and ... feed the kids cupcakes, all at the same time.


Stay out of Mary’s way in the kitchen.



  1. Ha!!! I love the way you make me feel like a super-hero. Now I just need to make myself a cake. I will pass on the tights until I lose 30 pounds.

  2. Mary, it is not that you are super-hero -- just that you will let 3 kids of different ages all have tubes full of different coloured icing at the same time. I doubt that even Wonder-Woman would do that.

  3. Love the Olympic theme for a birthday. Awesome. David hasn't choosen a theme yet for his Seventh birthday. he is thinking perhaps droids. Protocol, astromech, commando, battle, super-battle, protocol, droidicas, or goink droids - bad, good, or innocent droid - all droids welcome to his party. David thinks goink droids are the best. They fuel up ships and never get in a fight.

    Mary, can you and your team make a drioid cake for David's birthday?