Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bates - More in Santiago - Chilean Hot Dog?

The river running through Santiago is Rio Mapocho. It is the colour of the earth...brown. Can you find me on the bridge? Below is another view of Rio Mapocho with the cell phone building at the end of it.

 We can walk to the history museum in 10 minutes from our apartment. The entryway is massive and impressive. You can spot things that look like white fans hanging from the ceiling. Not fans! Each fixture has a set of speakers in it so when music is played the fanlike fixtures move, swaying back and forth while the music comes out of the speakers and often the music will go from one fixture to another. Sometimes it is not music but just sound and modern screeches.

The building is 20th century and it houses statues from the 1800-1900's of South American artists.
One of the rooms in the museum is devoted to reading and books. Inside the frame is the inside of a book cover with chewed up pencils of different shapes laying next to each other.

All the places to eat in Santiago and we just could not pass up Doggis. Chilean hot dogs are famous. There are street venders, franchises, all selling hot dogs with up to 60 toppings. You cannot even see the hot dog. This hot dog is the Country Dog. On the hot dog are tomatoes, avocado, mayo and six more toppings to go on top. This picture is not flattering but boy it was fun!

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