Monday, March 9, 2015

The Easter Dress

... at the top of the stairs ...
From Hebe to Grandma:

I'm silly today.

Acting like a monkey while wearing my new Easter dress.

Have fun at church.

Alright grandma you can blog this too.

And now a note back to Hebe.

There was a day when just about everyone had a new Easter dress for church.  And some people like Grandma Wyona had a hat to go with her outfit as well.  She made the hat herself ... and the dress that was to go with it.

In the really olden days, if you didn't have a new dress, then your family might be able to get you a new apron to go over your old dress.  At least that is what Mae Sabey told me.  If you lived in those days, you would be over 100 now.  And when Mae was in her nineties, everyone in the family was still making sure that she got a new dress at Easter each year.  It was a tradition.

The flowers that decorate the skirt of your dress.  The big bow at the waist.  How the dress makes you look so beautiful.  How, no matter how beautiful you are, you want to make us laugh.  I love all of that.

And yes, you did make me laugh by giving me funny poses.  Even in your beautiful new Easter dress.

... my funniest pose ...
I got out my Easter baskets today.  Kalina, Theresa, Michael and Alice were in the  back yard.  They were allowed to go into the house and fill their baskets with toys.

If those baskets are still around in a month, they will be filled with decorated eggs and Easter chocolate.  I am so glad that your mom let you begin to wear  your Easter dress long before Easter.  And I hope you get an Easter basket to carry stuff around in -- snacks, toys you want to play with, an extra colouring book.  Anything.

Now I feel like getting out something beautiful for Easter, myself.



  1. Kalina and Theresa decorated an Easter tree at Chisholm before we left. I guess Lurene does not have to do one. She did however take some of my decorations.

  2. I didn't know that they had helped to decorate the Easter Tree that I saw in the window of your house. But when I was over there, I saw Kalina pull up a low stool, position it right by the tree, and then proceed to redecorate the tree, moving ornaments up a branch or bringing ones that were at the back to the front. My guess is that they will be moved many times before Easter gets here.

    I saw Theresa and Kalina again today. Charise was watching them. I asked where Lurene was and Kalina piped up with, "My mom's at rehearsal". I was laughing so hard inside. What little three year old says that about her mother's whereabouts.

  3. Now I want to go right out and buy new Easter dresses for my girls. I remember getting a new Easter dress to wear to the Saddle Dome to hear the prophet speak. Would I have been about 10 years old? Would it have been Spencer (yes, we are on a first name basis)?

  4. i want to get a nice new dress for duncan too!