Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Time Out

... managing skunk, and white rabbit, many bears, monkey and dog ...
We have seen Hebe's stuffed toys before. Hebe loves all her stuffed animals.  Every night there are more animals in the bed than in her toybox.There almost isn't any room left for Hebe.

Now in the midst of renovations, Catherine finds them in the only clean spot in the house:  the bathroom.  Here is how her conversation with Hebe goes when Hebe is asked why the stuffies are in the bathroom:

Hebe:  It's a party.  The bears are on time-out.  (Notice they are sitting on the blue chair)

Cathy:  Why are they on time-out?

Hebe:  Because they weren't listening.
CAthy:  Oh, too bad for them.

"the time out for the teddy bear"
Hebe:  The Rabbit had to pee.

Cathy:  Nice the rabbit has so many friends that want to help.

I am guessing that Hebe is never going to be lonely, given I can count 10 stuffies that she has to manage.


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  1. One cannot help but love those stuffies! How many stuffies have we had to ditch in the Bates lifetime. Too many to count.