Friday, March 20, 2015

Pisco Peru

From Wyona

Just a little news.

We are in Pisco Peru. The ship changed from Lima because we could not dock in Lima.

There is nothing outside but hills and mountains of rock and sand. I took some pictures this morning.

We bought a last minute oceanview room on this ship. I could not find out beforehand what room we were assigned so I ignored the room. When we checked in the clerk gave us a card for Room 1117.

It is a step higher than a balcony. These people have their own dining room, beautiful but not large. Dinner is served from 5:30 to 9:30, go in anytime. The dishes are hightquality, and more expensive. The service is elegant. The food is higher class.

Greg is loving it.

I know oceanviews are on floors 2 or 3.  When she gave me the card and said you are in Aqua Class, I knew we were upgraded two steps. We have a balcony, free bottled water in the room, and nappies delivered to the room at 4:00 p.m. Plus we get our free elite drinks. It could not have happened to 2 nicer people.

On the other hand, my new Mac sucks. Cannot even open blogspot with pictures. So much to learn.

Now we eat in BLU. Later I will take pictures of our food presentation. So elegant. We are on the top floor of the ship.This room and services costs about 3 times more than we paid for the cruise. So we have been upgraded 2 times out of 35. The first time was with Mary and Arta.

I bought a MacBook Pro and with my 24 free hours of time I cannot ever bring up Larchhaven blogspot. No computer person is around to help until 2 pm when my time is up.

I picked up a free ticket for a draw for an emerald. First number was called out. Someone left and left their 3 tickets on the table. More names were called out so I kept my eye on all four tickets. Next thing I knew, one of the 3 other numbers were called. I went up to collect my prize. It is five hundred dollars off of an emerald. Emeralds start at two thousand dollars but the one I like is eight thousand.

No ermerald for me.  Moving on for a while.


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  1. What I like about eating on the ships is that there are always cloth napkins: large ones. And at night, there are linen ones. If I like it so much, why don't I just buy some the next time I am at Home Sense or Winners.

    Since I will be the one who has to launder them, maybe I will just upgrade to expensive paper napkins.