Monday, March 30, 2015

That Pesky Tooth

Have you ever had a tooth that just wouldn't fall out?  Well, Rhiannon had one last week.  Her new tooth was already poking through, but the old one just wouldn't come out.  Rhiannon really, really wanted it to come out.  We wiggled and twisted for days.  We finally had to put a piece of dental floss around it and yank it out. 

No matter how much you want a tooth to come out, that method is traumatic.

To help ease the pain, I promised I would make her a tooth cake.  I said I would even bake her tooth into the cake, and whoever found it could be king or queen for the day.  She took a pass on that part.

You'll see in the photos, that the pesky tooth had one long root that would just not dissolve.


  1. Hi Rhiannon,

    I am aghast. How could your mother have created a cake like that. Did anyone eat the bloody root part of the cake? Horrifying!

    Oh, by the way does your mother save all of the baby teeth of her children like someone else I know did?

  2. What are you talking about? The tooth fairy takes all the baby teeth! Naomi has started saving her molars. She prefers to keep the teeth over getting money from the tooth fairy.