Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Beyond the Beautiful Forevers

 Hiran Abeysekera and Shane Zaza,
‘whose every handstand or slump bristles with individuality’,
in Behind the Beautiful Forevers
at the Olivier.
Photograph: Tristram Kenton
Of all of the events I find to attend, my heart starts beating the strongest when I think of the viewings that come from the National Theatre in London.

It goes without saying, then,  that I am already looking forward to Thursday when there is a chance to see Beyond the Beautiful Forevers which is playing at the Olivier in London.

I know that Duncan gets to ask his mom questions after the performance.  I am going to put some questions in his mind for his mom, so that he can stump her.  I found the questions in the link above.

1. How many people are in the cast.

2. What is the name of the slum we will be looking at.

3. How do the people there make their living.

4. "Katrina Lindsay’s design is a masterpiece of mess."  What does that statement mean?

See you at the theatre.



  1. That would be nice to see you at the theatre.

  2. We saw the preview for this when we went to see Treasure Island. Xavier leaned over and said he would like to see this as well. I wonder when we will get there. Duncan, he would love it even more if he got to be there with you.

  3. When I saw the preview I thought, "Wow! This is jusgt like being in India. I remember we were taken in a bus to a hotel and then we sat on the lawn and watched a performance of an Indian folk tale -- traditional costumes and all.

    The preview caught the dancing, the dialect, the movement of the people. I guess if I wanted to do this up really fine, I would make Indian food that night. But we are going to keep it low key. Just go to the performance. We have our handi-bus ride booked. I don't want to miss this show.