Saturday, March 14, 2015

Forest Fires in Valparaiso

Valparaiso by day
We checked into the Ibis hotel today making the bus trip from Santiago to Valparaiso.

I watched these billowing clouds appear over the mountains and cover the harbour.

Greg went up on a funicular when he was out and saw the fire over the mountains.

It is all over the tv now.

People are being evacuated.

Valparaiso at night
One can see the ash falling on the people.

It looks like snow.

We are leaving our hotel room now to go outside and investigate.

(in Valparaiso waiting for my ship...the Infinity to come in)


  1. What?! you have got to be KIDDING!

  2. The pictures Arta posted were exactly what we saw yesterday. The air in the harbour smells just like Shuswap during any of the forest fires we experienced before today. As we were driving to Valparaiso from Santiago one could just see the dry brush and ground everywhere with dotted green trees thriving on what little moisture they could glean from the ground. I would post our photos but our Macbook Pro is having problems.