Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Last of Her Birthday Money

"You can see from my eyes that
there is an idea coming to me."
I sent Hebe some money for her birthday.

She used part of the money to buy a new backpack -- one that has a lunch box attached.

She used the other part of her money to buy a new helmet for her bike.

Then she sent a letter to me, via her mother's account.

"This is part of my idea."
This is what she said:

"I bought a new helmet to wear when I ride my bike."

"I hope the snow melts soon."

I had to write to Hebe and ask her if I could blog her words, and if I could put up her pictures.

She said, "Oh alright.".

I love sending birthday money.
"And now this is the best part of my idea."

I get maximum returns on my dollar: 3 pictures, 2 emails and a good laugh.



  1. Oh, I just love this girl. This may be one of the best photo sequences ever.

  2. I love the tongue. One of our family picture postcards one year had Marcia sticking out her tongue. It was the best we could do.

  3. I showed the picture of Hebe to Michael and tried to get him to imitate her pose There was o way he was going to either stick out his tongue, nor was he able to flatten his hands out and put them in your face. There is a lot for Hebe to teach the kids who are younger than she is. She is going to have a tough sell with Michael.

  4. David has still not spent his birthday money. He is torn between an X-box One and the returns he could get if he puts it in to his retirement account. We are working on financial literacy ... but have him trapped in a financial decision-making freeze.