Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sonic Escape

Sonic Escape
Sonic Escape is a flute, cello and violin ensemble based in New York.  They claim to live there half the time.  Then they laugh for tomorrow they fly home for a night and then begin another journey which will take them to India.

During the question period someone asked them about their travel accommodations.  Apparently when they know they are coming to Calgary, for instance, they do apartment swapping.   They stayed in Canmore for a few days and someone from Canmore flies to New York.

They live in an apartment that is not even 500 square feet, but they say that they can swap for accommodations in castles, everyone wants to go to New York so badly.

Their programme was eclectic -- a bit of everything, including the Air on the G String and a piece that one of their members had written after being plagued by a mosquito in their room all night.

A lovely evening.

Catch them if you get a chance.


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