Sunday, March 8, 2015

Flopsy and Mopsy are on the Lawn

... a chinook day, March 8th, 2015 ...

You are looking out of Michael Johnson's window. You can see the reflection of Alice in the pane and you can see Flopsy and Mopsy on the lawn.

Michael was just at my house. We were playing with a music box on the top of which is Peter Rabbit being held by his mother after his run home from Mr. MacGregor's garden. We talked about the garden, about how frightening it was for Peter to be captured and put in that watering can, and how hard it was for him to escape and run home.

And we talked about the worst part -- the part where Flopsy and Mopsy get to eat blueberries and cream, but Peter is in trouble for going garden raiding.

I love having the stars line up so that the bunnies in real life appear as soon as the fictional ones are explained.



  1. What a fabulous photo with Alice's reflection. And a perfect story to go with it. How dare those bunnies eat Richard's grass.

  2. I love the photo. Great take!

  3. I told Richard that this picture might be the photo of the month for me. All you can really see of Alice is her hands hanging onto the window ledge. Everything else is a reflection -- her face, the curtains. And then through the glass you can see those drains that take the water off of our rooves -- his and mine.

    The bunnies hang out on that lawn a lot. They were there when Richard was strapping the kids into their seat belts later. While Richard was taking care of Alice he told Michae to go scare the rabbits. They are so tame. They let him get within 3 feet of them, and when he says boo at them, they just ignore him. One did make two hops away eventually and he was thrilled that he had scared one.

    Yes. Bunnies on the lawn. What fun.

  4. How wild is that photo!!! Maybe those are the great great grandchildren of the bunny Richard got when he was Michael's age ... proclaiming before he opened the box left on his porch "Beware of greeks bearing gifts". I hate to bring that up, Arta, but how could I not with his children now having their own bunnies?