Saturday, March 28, 2015

How to boil hotdogs

Three hot dogs is the right amount for me.
I am learning to cook for myself.

Today my mom asked me to watch a video on how to boil hot dogs. 

I didn't want any.

She said "This is just for practice. You don't have to eat them. You just have to help me with the recipe." 

I stopped the video I was watching about Cortex Command, and picked the shortest "how to" video (1:05 minutes). 

We watched the video and after each step, and repeated it for her. 

While we waited for the hot dogs to cook, I wrote down the steps so I could do it myself next time.. 

I did this by using the notebook and talk to text functions on my iPad. 

As the hot dogs cooked, they began to smell good. I realized I was hungry. 

I am making a set of recipe cards. I still need to add photos to this one.
While my mom did the clean up, I ate all three hot dogs. 

They were really good, even though we were out of ketchup.

I put ketchup on our grocery shopping list.

Next time I will be doing the cooking ... 
(and hopefully the eating too while 

my mom does the clean up).


  1. Grandfather could't find the ketchup in our fridge because it was in the doors on the side of the fridge. So he opened another large ketchup. Now I will have to buy lots of hot dogs to use up all of the ketchup in my fridge. I wish you were here to make the hot dogs and to eat them. I am happy to do the clean up.

    Now, a word about the t-shirt you are wearing. I had to make a smart guess about the logo, since I can only see ... "ctory is mine".

    My guess is that it says "Factory is Mine" and that the shirt is referring to the Hot Dog Factory ... meaning eating 3 at one sitting. That is a lot of hot dogs. Is your mom feeding you often enough?

    1. Three hotdogs is enough for me at this moment. I am being fed often enough. I think I can eat three each day if I come to your house to help you with your ketchup problem. My t-shirt actually says "Victory is Mine", but your guess was pretty close. Thanks for the comments.

  2. You are lucky. You mom must really love you to give you boiled hot dogs. My kids only get microwave hot dogs.

    Try this hot dog recipe next time and report back. It looks awesome:

    1. Microwaved hotdogs or boiled hotdogs -- the difference doesn't really matter to me. They are both really tasty. The boiled hotdogs do taste a bit better, it's true.

      That hotdog squid recipe looks tasty, but it's probably hard to pull it off.

      I will give it a try and report back to you.

      Bye and thanks for commenting.

  3. I checked out the hotdog squid recipe.


    I thought it would be the one where you split the hotdog 3/4 of the way up four times and then those pieces curl up and are the legs of the octypus.

    But the spaghetti idea is very clever.

    Hot dogs! I wish I had cooked more of them for my kids. Yes. Fewer turkey dinners and more hot dog meals would have improved their childhood.

    1. Dear grandma - I have made an octopus out of a cheese stick before. How I made it was I peeled down little chunks from the top of the cheese stick and then I just turned it over. I added eyes by poking the cheese stick. It was cooler and funnier to eat that way. I made it at school. I prefer hotdogs over turkey dinners. I will try your octopus hotdog idea and report back. See ya.

  4. Hi David,

    I never buy the cheese sticks, but I have seen them in your refridgerator. If you come to visit, I will buy some and we can make the octopus cheese stick and give it to grandfather for his lunch. That will be a big surprise on his plate.

    As for you preferring hot dogs over turkey dinners, I have the same feeling about cooking the two meals. I would do a hot dog dinner over a turkey dinner any day. It would give me more time for electronics, that is for sure.