Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wish You Were Here ...

"wish you see here... at the high school field in Salmon Arm"
Wish you were here is a common greeting on the back of a post card.

This evening I got an email from Bonnie with that greeting -- "wish you were here", and then this lovely picture taken just off of the trans-Canada on the way to the high school.

"evening at McGuire pond by the hospital"
Yes to savouring a lovely evening in March.  I can almost feel the humid air and smell the grass which I notice is already green, senses that can't come through in a picture, but I can bring them out of past memories.

In Alberta we also say wish you were here.  Our lows are zero and our daily highs are going up to 14, 15,  and16 ... it all seems like a miracle to us.  We are still waiting for winter.  I think it is passing us by this year.




  1. I think the camera must enhance the beauty of it all. It just cannot be that gorgeous.

  2. We were timing our walk to Julie's house, so I only let myself stop for two photos. The sky was so blue ... even though I knew it was cloud cover and there would be no stars. The walk to her new home was only 50 minutes. A perfect way to end the day.

    When we drive down the TCH into SA at night, David always says something akin to "What a gorgeous view!" I agree. City lights reflected off the lake does make for a stunning view.