Monday, March 16, 2015

Chinese Yo Yo

"Our parents are pretty strict."
Zoe and I took a trip to Pier I Imports.

I told her that it would be the next best thing to going on the cruise with Wyona.

We could pretend we are in a market and buy something from anywhere in the world.

She decided on a Chinese slider and a monkey acrobat, since she was planning on getting toys that the kids could enjoy when they come to visit her. 

After a few tries, Michael gets good with the toy.
Note the whiteboard on the wall
I went back to Pier I imports the next day for by that time I had decided ghat the slider looked like the kind of fun I wanted to have with Alice and Michael.

For $.80 you can get a stick that is wrapped with paper.

When you hold onto the stick and then give your wrist a flick forward, something like what you would do when hitting the shuttle in a badminton game, then the paper flies out through the air and comes back like a boomerang onto the stick.

Alice thinks it is more interesting to unravel the yo yo.
Now that is a lot of fun for 80 cents.

When I was adding the pictures to this blog I realized that Miranda and Richard have also given you a view of their whiteboard and their family rules

The kids have written their own family rules on the bottom of the whiteboard -- a massive set of scribbles.


1. Sit

3. Take one bite
On the top of the whiteboard are the Family Rules for Dinnertime, written by the adults. There are two rules

1. Sit at the table.

2. Take one bite.

Now there is a strict set of parents.


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  1. What perfect family rules! Nice. Do you still have the tradition of asking each other "How was your day?" At Karate we have the tradition of everyone answering that question before we start class and after mediation. It's an unspoken rule that you have to say something positive. At first it felt fake ... but over time it just feels like what is expected. Share a glass half full perspective.