Sunday, July 19, 2015

70 Wedding Anniversary and 100th Birthday Party

Happy 70th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Yesterday was the day of 2 celebrations: a 70 Wedding Anniversary and a 100th Birthday Party, both held at the same time.

The Melchins were having their wedding anniversary.

Lola Johnson was having her 70th Birthday Party. Both events were held at the same time.

If you go to you can read all about the Melchin celebration.

 Gerald Melchin was part of a project where the life history of Albertans was collected and archives. 

If you go to the website, not only will you read the short story of both of their lives, but you will have access to his larger story collected during that project.

As well there is a treasure trove of beautiful pictures of their lives together.

 Congratuations to the Melchin's.

Arta Johnson

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