Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fun with Friends

Catherine writes:
Check out the four statues we saw outside of the Theodoric mausoleum.

Next is one r/of my worst photo attempts but a cute picture of the kids outside one of the Apollinaire nuovo. I was trying to get the tower in the background but the blazing sun didn't allow for that. If you want to see the tower you'll have to google it.

Pasta lunch. The kids enjoyed entertaining them selves over lunch. No parents allowed at their tables. I loved that heloise ordered lunch for herself and hebe in Italian before there was any parental interference. The waitress nodded to me that she had done a good job.

The children outside the bell tower at Dante's tomb.

Hebe promptly threw her hat in the air and to the ground below. This prompted all the children including my teenagers to follow suit.

Group photo outside of basilica Di s vitale.

Some fun tips for how to keep cool on a scorching day (that will also allow me to tell you about some of my favourite moments of the day)

1. Use umbrellas for shade.

2. Cross back and forth on the streets walking in whatever shadow is to be found

3. Stop frequently for cold water frissante.

It's cheaper than pop or juice and ana carina has 2 of my 4 children hooked on it now.

4. Buy callipo popsicles. If you are really hot you might just eat 4 at once.

5. Carry spray bottles and give yourself a spritz often.

It's also a useful job for kids who are getting bored.

They can keep people cool and have permission to engage in a water fight of sorts.

It's also a good way to meet random strangers who are grateful for a little refresh.

Possibly a way to make money too.

Loved when my friend ana carina offered to cool off a few random travellers then said , "that will be 5 euros each".

We all laughed

6. Stop at air conditioned grocery stores for a moment and eat in air conditioned restaurants.

7. End the day with a dip in the Adriatic.

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