Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sleeper Train

Hebe couldn't stop taking about taking this sleeper train for several days before we finally boarded it.

She was so excited.

Funny memories of the sleeper train:

1. No place to really store your luggage, so Eric and I lifted up the 3 suitcases (25 kg each) to Thomas who sat on one of the top bunks. He shoved the 3 suitcases in a small space over the door.
2. Didn't have space to remove the ladder since all of our knapsacks and shoes were under the bottom beds. A bit awkward.
3. Long discussions about who was going to sleep where. Hebe took the bottom bunk. Not Hebe's first choice, but since there were no railings, it wasn't an option. Loved that they had a net that you could attach between the upper bunks, kind of like a sling to catch anyone falling out in the night. I'm not sure it would have actually held, but perhaps could have at least broken a fall slightly.
4. First person asleep? Eric after taking a good dose of Gravol. His last sleeper train experience was not that pleasant.
5. Who had the worst nights sleep? Me. I put Hebe on the bottom bunk and took the middle berth. Unfortunately, the head rests for the regular daytime seating were along the wall of my berth. It made my already narrow bed about 6 inches narrower. The headrest was hitting my back all night. I only figured out in the morning that the headrest was mobile and could be repositioned on the wall at a higher level. Sigh! Grateful that at 4 am Eric gave up his lower bunk to me.
6. Breakfast on the train. This is the first time we have ever received breakfast on a sleeper train. They served it like on an airplane and brought trays to our "cubicle" room. Hot chocolate, 2 buns, butter and jam. We were all delighted, only problem was that there were no tables to sit the trays on. Eating off your lap is difficult at the best of times, but try doing that at the age of 7 in a moving vehicle. It isn't that effective. We put Hebe's tray on the small table ledge under the ladder. She promptly spilled her hot chocolate onto Eric and his bag. Lucky for him he has quick reflexes. No damage, just a mess.

I think I was the most glad to disembark this time. I can't imagine taking a sleeper train like this and having to share that small space with complete strangers. An adventure for someone else, not me.

We have been in Vienna now for 2 days. We haven't seen any tourist attractions, although we did walk to church and to the nearby amusement park. Eric and I also walked to his conference venue and got registered. I think we are likely to take a few low key days as we are all recovering from our week in Italy. Ana Carina, you wiped us out. The sign of a perfect vacation!

Love to you all.


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