Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What to do during a heat wave?

Catherine writes:

Head into the sewers of course.

It is 38 degrees here today.

No fun to be outside.

Therefore decided on a trip to les egouts.

Super exciting to imagine Jean Valjean carrying his injured son in law through these tunnels.

Check out the swords below that were found in the sewer tunnels.

Gets the imagination going.

Below is hebe in a sewer tunnel just beneath place de la resistance.

Another photo is of her in front of les efflue.

Plug your nose.

No one else's would let me photograph them in the sewer.

We didn't see any rats although I did look.

Tour guide claims 4 million rates in the sewer.

Two for each tourist in paris.

Below is also a photo from the 1930 on how they used to give sewer tours--by rail cars.

After that they used boats.

Now you just walk along grates covering les efflue.

I prefer the walking type of tour.

Last photo is a family photo in front of the giant balls they use to clear sludge from the sewers. Interesting information you wish you didn't know.

If not for the smell, a cool place to spend the afternoon.

Climbed the stairs back to the street only to have the temperature climb at least 20 degrees.

It was like walking into a heat wall. Uncomfortable at best.

Everyone is much happier inside our cool apartment playing video games.

I think tomorrow we will look for a pool.


P.S from Eric Jarvis

But at one point in the tour, deep in the bowels of the sewers, we crossed over a long channel of sludge covered by a thick scum being filtered through a strainer - the first step in the purification process. Disgusting and fascinating at once!

Honouring Arta's 75th: Third Quarter Quell, Day 48

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  1. The sewers look very attractive. So do the offspring.