Friday, July 10, 2015

Wyona Paints the Shuswap

Many years ago Wyona took Chinese paint brushing lessons and practiced a great deal.  She has picked up a paint brush again and while at Shuswap Lake created these stunning water colour paintings.

Several cousins, aunts and uncles have requested copies of the cabin pictures.  Pricing is still being decided.  :)

Views of the Shuswap from the Bates' cabin.

A stunning copy of a peek-a-boo view of the Shuswap.

Greg picked wild flowers for Wyona and she painted them.  I believe Glen was able to name every flower and berry.  Which ones do you recognize?

The most recent painting of the loud cabin as it looks now including the moss on the roof and the small tree growing through the porch.

Keep painting Wyona and creating beautiful works of art!

- Tonia

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  1. Stunning. They have transported me across 5 provinces to one of my vary favourite places. Expecially love the ones of the cabins built by Grandpa. Thank you so much for sharing.