Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 50th Birthday Joaquim

Happy Birthday Papa,

Here are 50 ideas of things we could do together this year. We only have 52 weeks left, so let's start tomorrow.

 1. Have a nerf gun war. 2. Play soccer at South Broadmore Elementary School. 3. Play the dice game. 4. Hide, jump out, and scare Bonnie. 5. Write a story together. 6. Build with Lego. 7. Play Boss Monster. 8. Go for a walk. 9. Play Bohnanza. 10. Have a Battle Ship game. 11. Hike on Little Mountain. 12. Study Canadian history by playing Explore Canada. 13. Have a round of Vampires of the Night. 14. Study geography by doing the World Map puzzle. 15. Play the Harry Potter Lego game. 16. Play the Game of Life. 17. Draw pictures of each other. 18. Set up all the dominos and then video tape them as they fall. 19. Wash the dishes together. 20. Learn 5 new Catalan words together. 21. Go for walk. 22. Sort Laundry together. 23. Hang out at the Library for a whole day. 24. Play chess. 25. Water the Lawn together. 26. Cook lunch together (hotdogs). 27. Go bowling. 28. Share a baguette (you get the outside, I get the inside). 29. Do a crossword puzzle together. 30. You sleep in and I play video games. 31. Pick raspberries together and shove as many into our mouths at one time as we can. 32. Wash the Honda together. 33. Do some yard work using Grandma Arta's weed whipper. 34. Hand build more pottery together. 35. Read the same french chapter book and then discuss it. 36. Write a poem together. 37. Make breakfast together. 38. Play PvZ together. 39. Have a Bejewelled 2 battle. 40. Read the National Geographic together. 41. Find flat stones on the beach and then having a stone skipping contest. 42. Go to the bank together and put some money in savings. 43. Clean the bathroom together (me the sink, you the toilet ... ha ha ha). 44. Go to the Drive Inn in Enderby. 45. Do push-ups together. 46. Play "True or False. I have ______ [gone down the steepest water slide at the park, eaten a fish head, played Rebound at lunch]. 47. Skype with cousins in Catalonia. 48. Plan out a house we could build in Minecraft together. 49. Swap jokes. 50. Play, "I am thinking of a word that rhymes with dove." "Is it something you wear to keep your hands warm in the winter?" "No, it is not a glove." ...

 _ _ _ _, David


  1. Hello,

    I read through your list. I have a question about #23 -- spending a whole day at the library. My question is, does that event include a bag lunch that you bring from home, or will lunch be puchased at a local restaurant or drive-though?

  2. What a fabulous birthday present. I will be 41 on January 15, 2016. I would like a list too. You can start working on it now. Or just recycle items from you list to your dad. Please leave out #45: do push-ups together.

  3. I liked the list as well and read all of the way to the end. I noticed that David did not offer to do bathroom cleaning duty. But he was available for everything else.