Sunday, July 19, 2015

Treasure through the eyes of a child

We went to visit the treasury of the Hapsburg empire today. Basically the Crown Jewels of the now defunct monarchy. Absolutely amazing.

Here are a few photos of what interested hebe. She wanted to take pictures of everything. When asked why, she got a bit panicked and said to me "if I don't take pictures how am I going to remember it in my mind". I hear Yan hebe. I feel the same way.

1. The sceptre of the austrohungarian empire in 3 parts because she couldn't figure out have to get all of it in one frame. I love the central part which is made of narwhal tusk. She obviously loved that too.

2. Royal vestments

3. Royal crown of the Holy Roman Empire Stunning. Have never seen anything Lille it.


Honouring Arta's 75th: Third Quarter Quell, Day 65

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