Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dissection, anyone

So many of you know that Eric and I "met over a corpse".

If you do not know that story, suffice it to say that the semester we started dating we were assigned to the same corpse in our anatomy lab.

Nothing more likely to build romance between two young medical students than sharing an anatomy lab together.

Ha ha ha

Go ahead and insert your joke here.

We've heard them all)

In celebration of this we thought it only fitting to take our children to the oldest university in the western world and the place where academics did the first human dissections.

Basically the worlds first anatomy lab.

Here it is--teatro anatomico at the university of Bologna.

Our kids with the fratta family getting our first lesson in anatomy.

I'm also sending a photo of two of the sculptures in the room

1. Two human figures holding up the roof over the place where the professor stood to direct the lesson.

Check out the figures.

You'll see they are human figures minus the skin so you can see all the muscles.

Totally Fitting in an anatomy lab, but I'm not sure would go over well in a regular museum.

2 First plastic surgery.

Can you figure out what the person is holding in his left hand?

Well a nose of course.

Finally a photo of a few girls who are interesting in perhaps being the next subjects.

Just kidding.

Honouring Arta's 75th: Third Quarter Quell, Day 61

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