Tuesday, July 7, 2015

When in Rome, Do As The Romans Do

... Colesium ...

Catherine writes:

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

This was Eric's pronouncement as we got off the train in Rome.

He immediately started following the crowds.

First stop the coliseum.

The heat unfortunately made it difficult to enjoy any part of it that was not in the shade.

I brought an umbrella but the girls preferred to run from shadow to shadow.

Very interesting structure.

Fantastic in size and amazing construction.

Today we were grateful it is set up with fountains which we used to fill our water bottles several times.

Tried to get a guided tour of the animal pits, which is the only way to access them.

Response at the ticket booth--sold out in English until September.

Second stop the Vatican.

Got some great tips from our Italian friends to help us avoid the queues.

Accessed the Vatican thru the museums.

Bought online museum tickets and therefore avoided the queue.

Got inside quickly, but with the absolute hoards of people inside, it took nearly 2 hours to walk thru the museum and get to the Sistine chapel.

The Papal Guards
 Exhausted teenagers and tired feet by the time we had trekked through the entire museum.

Finally the Rafael rooms and the Sistine chapel.


Just a little overtired to enjoy them fully.

 Loved inside the Sistine chapel the irony--every 5 minutes the guards got on the PA system to say in a thunderous booming voice "silencio".

Made us smile.
Poste Vatican

Used our friends tip to secret out the tour guide exit in the Sistine chapel as that exit drops you on the steps of St. Peter's basilica and you therefore avoid both the walk around to the entrance and the queue.

Worked like a charm.

Sent photos earlier of us at St Peters bathed in angelic light.

Took one good photo of the Swiss guards who protect the pope.

Very interesting costume.

Last photo was a bucket list item for Eric.

He has always wanted to receive a letter from the Vatican.

So, we mailed ourselves one.

You too might find a surprise in the mail in the coming weeks.

Eric has had plenty of adventures this week. He can tell more. These adventures have not been of the pleasant variety. The pinnacle of these events was getting pooped on by a bird at St. Peter's basilica today. Right on the top of his head. Lucky for him he was wearing his baseball hat.

Love to all.


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