Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Church and Freud

The Church

On our last day in Vienna we went to church, then toured the Freud museum.

Thus the title church and Freud.

The church building in Vienna is one of a kind.

An original design with beautiful windows inside the chapel.

The windows open, a rare thing in our chapels, which was very useful today with the high of 37 degrees. Even with all the windows open they still had to bring in fans. When will this heat wave end? Another interesting thing about this building is that it is one of the few I have ever visited that had no typical gymnasium, and no basketball hoops. Almost Sacreligious 😀.

We enjoyed attending this ward. We watched them change the bishop in that ward. It was a really moving meeting and brought back a lot of tender feelings of the times when eric was both called and released as stake president.

After lunch and after the heat of the day had peaked, we went outside again to visit the Freud museum.

Difficult not to make a pilgrimage to this site while in Vienna.

I personally found it fascinating. Saw the birth place of psychoanalysis and talked to the kids about Freuds contributions to psychiatry and psychology.

Catie was fascinated to learn about Freuds cocaine addiction while I liked hearing about family life.

I hadn't realized that he had six children.

One died as a young adult from influenza.

She left behind 2 young children one of whom later died of tuberculosis.

It was sad to read Freuds comments about those experiences. Grief really is a universal experience.

... the doorway into Freud's office ...
Eric and I read carefully about Freuds escape from Vienna after the Anschluss in 1938.

With the help of princess Bonaparte of France he was allowed to leave with his wife, daughter anna, housekeeper and his personal physician.

All he had to do was a pay ⅓ of all he owned as an exit tax for "fleeing" Vienna.

All his sister, who were unable to leave died in aushwitz.

... Catie arriving for a consultation with Freud ...
Although Eric and I found the tour fascinating, it wasn't necessarily a tour for teenagers.

You can decide for yourselves how the children made out.

Last few photos are of the doorway into Freuds office.

Catie ringing the doorbell and eric arriving for a consultation.

Day 70, Quarter Quell in honor of Arta's 75 Birthday ... Cat

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