Sunday, July 19, 2015

Family Photos

Here are 5 family photos I took yesterday while we were at Schönbrun Palace. we really feel ...
1. Here we are in the privy garden.

 Once again the heat was oppressive, so we sought relief under the ivy awning that ran around the edge of the garden.

The kids are letting it all hang out.

 Probably a more real reflection of how we were feeling after touring Schönbrun palace, which is by the way Vienna's answer to Versailles.

 In fact the Empress Maria Theresa of Schönbrun was the mothe
... we took a similar picture last year ...r of Marie Antoinette, last queen of France.

2. Walking in the gardens.

We took a similar photo walking in the gardens at Versailles just over 2 years ago.

 Decided at Catie's suggestion to repeat at Schönbrun.

3. Inside the maze garden.

That was a lot of fun. The 6 foot high hedges make it near impossible to cheat this maze.

It took us a long time to find our way to the centre.

Once you reach the centre, you could climb a landing, which resembles a tree house from which you can see the entire maze.

A fun time was had by all.

4. Family photo in a "house of mirrors" maze in the children's garden.

 It was fun to see how a shorter Jarvis Family might have looked.

5. And Finally, Into the Woods.

Thomas wanted to walk the garden path out of Schönbrun through the Woods.

I had a very interesting conversation with Hebe while walking in the woods.
Hebe: Mommy, do you know what's the most important things for camping?
Me: What do you think?
Hebe: The most important things are fire, marshmallows, and cookies.
Me: What are the cookies for?

Hebe: Breakfast.
Hebe: You also need a tent, and maybe a flashlight.
Me: Oh that's interesting. So tell me again what are the most important things for camping.
Hebe: Fire, marshmallow, cookies, a tent and a flashlight.

So you heard it here. The camping list.

Hebe was ready to have a camping trip in Schönbrun forest. Unfortunately, the rest of us were exhausted and we didn't have fire, marshmallows, cookies, a tent or a flashlight. Perhaps next time.



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