Friday, July 10, 2015

Mosaics in Ravenna

We spent a day with our friends who live in Bologna Italy and decided to go to Ravenna together to see its world famous mosaics.

They have 8 world heritage sites in this small town, almost all are churches with well preserved 5th century mosaics inside.

Here is a small sampling of photos but I have to admit these photos do not do it justice.

If you are interested, go check out Ravenna images online.

1. The vault at basilica s apollinaris in classe

Try to large this image and see if you can find the finger of God.

Loved that the kids eye sight is so keen. Heloise who is about seven told me her favourite part was the image of Christ at the centre of the cross.

My eyes can barely make it out.

2. Underwater mosaics on the floor of the crypt at San Francesco.
It is below sea level so subject to flooding.
Love that you have to insert 1 euro for the lights to illuminate the crypt. Your euro gets you about 2 minutes. The space for viewing the crypt floor is wide enough for 2 people although we made a go of having 8 people look at once.

You can't see it in the photo but they keep a few goldfish down there much to the delight of the children

3. The roof of neonian baptistery. One of my favourites with all its blue glass.

Love that this mosaic suggests the controversy around baptism. In the centre is John the Baptist. Christ is half submerged in the river Jordan and john is sprinkling water on this head. :). That just about covers everyone. 4. When you are 7 and you are getting bored of mosaics there are a lot of other things

to examine like the list of rules for entering these heritage sites. A lot of interesting symbols to be found there too.

5 finally an up close view of one of the mosaics just to suggest the craftsmanship. Really inspiring art


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