Thursday, February 1, 2018

Alice Want to Learn to Read

Betty wants to come over and read as well.
I told her that 2 /12 is not old enough to learn to read.
She must wait until she is 5, I tell her.

Alice wants to learn to read.

She told her mother she wanra to read.

She told me.

She told Michael.

She told her father.

She wants the books, the snack time, and the after-the-reading-event reward. She wants it all. I slipped up to Chapters and then went over to Costco, buying all of the Pre-K books available. I also brought out the first series of Grade One Readers and we have been going at this for two days now. So far she has read “Big and Little”, and “Are you big?”. Of course this is all making me laugh – so sweet for she gets out the small folding table and a small blue chair that fits under it so that we can begin our work together.

Alice reminds me so much of Catherine. It is not just that she wants to do things. It is that if I try to help, she pushes my hands away. I am not used to having someone shove me around as Catherine used to, so I really notice when Alice not only gets in there to do jobs, but that she holds me back at the same time. She is tall. She looks as though she should be in Grade I. But she is only 4 ½. Who am I to tell someone who is 4 ½ that she can’t learn to read if she wants to.


  1. Is she ready for word families? Get her going fast as you can.

  2. We have just done a couple of the easy books. I thought she was too young, but she is thrilled to try the books. I will not give up until she does.