Friday, August 16, 2013

Into the Kitchen

... that squishy marshmallow with no burned bits ...
A couple of weeks ago the fire ban began -- it is so dry in B.C. that the ban covered the whole province.  No open fires.  So the question was, what do do with the three packages of marshmallows that were destined for s'mores at our house.

Duncan and Ben found that though the product done in a microwave is not quite as good as the one produced over an open fire, it is tolerable.
... not much more than yogurt, berries, sugar and eggs ...
And to go from the ridiculous to the sublime, Connor Pilling and Julie came over to my blackberry bushes and picked enough berries that I could make this delicious blackberry-yogurt pie from the Moosewood on Sunday's Cookbook. there is a certain joy from cooking off of the land.  Next time I am going to use the homemade yogurt from Moiya's house or Glen's house.



  1. Do you think a piece of that pie could make it to me through the mail?

  2. Hello Mary,

    Thanks for the idea. You should have asked for your piece sooner. The pie is long gone now. As well, the toasted coconut / lime cheesecake that was made at the Bates house is also long gone. I didn't share my piece. It just wasn't in me.