Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Trombone Quartets

Teague is looking for a folder like the ones pictured to the right.

One of the sets of music that goes to his musical hobby is missing - TROMBONE QUARTET I.

The last time that a performance was done using this music was at last year's Pig Roast. 

Does any reader of this blog know where the other folder is?

Without it, at the next performance, one of the important voices will be missing -- on every chord.

There is a $5 reward.

Afterall, if you can earn $5 by answering ten questions about a film that you didn't want to see, surely it is worth $5 to send an email telling us where you have seen this folder.

This next photo will provide more clues for those willing to join the search.

Yours for more complete chords, Arta

1 comment:

  1. No luck yet? Disappointing but I haven't given up hope. other items for the lost and found this summer include a black thong and a cord for a DSII.