Monday, August 26, 2013

Pots and Hats

I brought pottery home from the lake.  Gifts for Trell, Ina and Kelve who didn't come on holidays and receive their gift from Rebecca in person.

She spent the summer at the  pottery wheel until she had necklaces, mugs and dishes for all who were interested in her gifts.

Now Rebecca sends me a photo of a new craft -- a felted hat -- made in a day with the help of her friend, Stacey.

I am ordering one if she goes into mass production as she has with the clay.



  1. great colours in that hat! who is this mysterious Stacey who also makes carriers for bikes?

  2. Love the hat! Where does your hair end and the hat begin! We all need a new distraction once in a while (I mean an activity to distract us from our "real work" -- that is, paid work).

  3. Hard to tell the Hat from the Hair!

  4. the matching colour scheme of hat and hair was NOT intentional, and is a bit creepy! :-)