Friday, August 16, 2013

Bouncy Castle – Garage Sale Style

Grandpa Chris Turnbull found a bouncy castle at a garage sale – making him, in the race to define the favorite grandparent, definitely close to the top.

 I can’t compete, especially when he generously lays it out on the lawn for all to enjoy.

 Many of the third generation of Pillings – those little second cousins who number close to 34 and are nearly all under eight years old, were on the property at some time this year.

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 At the inaugural Bouncy Castle event parents dropped by, the women gathering on the lawn and the men sitting on the porch, talking.

“When I was walking down the driveway, I thought to myself, this is definitely not a community event,” said Rebecca.

“How so?”

“Well, if it had been , much would have been the same,  a block party in my area,  – the women superintending that no accidental dog piles happened on children too young to enjoy them.

But the men on the porch would have all had a beer in their hands.

That is what made it different.”

First cousins had come from all over – many arranging their schedules to coincide with Reid and Misty’s Wedding.

The Trent and Jamie Bates Family were here from Austin, Texas.

Desire had arrived from Washington.

Sidney Wood
Daniel and Marina were here from Lethbridge.

Mathew and Stacey from Calgary.

Adam and Michelle Wood from Edmonton

Five-year old Audra Bates on her own.

Lurene and Tim with their babes; Rebecca from Victoria;

 Mary from Quebec all able to meet on the law drop for 10 or 15 minutes of bouncing and talking.

I can operate the castle.

Turn the fan on and in 10 minutes the walls and roof are high and children are running through the in-door and sliding out the exit.

I saw Richard the next day checking for leaking air – not from the spontaneous party, but when a good purchase comes from a garage sale there is sometimes maintenance work to be done on it.

At least that is what Richard said when I saw Michael and Richard playing in the tent alone the next day. I will take his word for it.


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