Friday, August 30, 2013

Come eat with us

Rebecca 2013

Greek Salad from food grown on the land.

The use of Rebecca's pottery, left behind in her haste to return to Victoria, B.C.

The Experience?

An unforgettable lunch hour.
 Tripple Ginger Cookies
... candied ginger;shredded ginger root; ginger, the spice ...

We do not mean to taunt you, but after lunch we served triple ginger cookies in another of her bowls.

If we had been meaning to taunt, we would have arranged the cookies in an artful fashion instead of just getting throwing them into the bowl so we could get them out to the porch and start eating.

A lovely summer!


Arta and Bonnie

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    1. I am so jealous. My favourite salad and my favourite cookies all served in bowls made by my favourite potter. I will just have to imagine that I was there with you.

      Did I mention I loooooooove those triple ginger cookies.